Hi, thats me. Chris. I’m in my early 30’s, have a lovely wife, and as of September 2013 have a beautiful little girl. I decided to start this site for two reasons. I wanted an outlet to talk about games, movies, books, and all the geeky things I love. I wanted to make a site where everything you see is awesome, or at least a lot of fun. If I list something on my site, that means I like it enough that I recommend buying it.

My goals for this site are pretty simple.

-I want to create a place where you can come and find really great things.

-I’d love to hear other points of view on my recommendations, and especially my Great 8’s.

-I’d like to build somewhat of a community where we can put up user submitted photos of your gamer caves, play games together, and have some contests and give-aways.

-I’d love to try your recommendations and add them to the site.

-I plan to eventually add more of a blog section, where I can share some random musings.

So please keep checking back in. Comment on my posts. Share them with your friends. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or even Goodreads. The more response I get, the more fun we can have… and please feel free to contact me, using the e-mail form below.

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