After about 6 months I finally realized I should probably put together a list of the most important features for every Gamer Cave… Hence, 8 GAMER CAVE ESSENTIALS.


A big screen High Definition television is a must. Go with 45″ or bigger. Bigger is always better. You also want to make sure your picture is 1080p, and your refresh is 120Hz minimum. I like the Samsung Smart TV’s because they have a preset “Game Mode” that will give you a little less delay when playing those multiplayer games. A good Smart TV will also allow you to use all the must have streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.


I currently keep both an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3 hooked up to my television. That being said, at this point you probably just want to place your order for an Xbox One and/or a Playstation 4. All the new systems will allow you to stream content from services like Netflix or Hulu.

Sony Blu Ray3 – BLU RAY PLAYER

If you take my advice and get an Xbox One or a PS4, you should not need a separate Blu Ray player. That being said, you do need the ability to play Blu Rays. The picture and the sound quality are amazing. DVD’s no longer cut it. You weren’t watching VHS’s on your VCR in 2008, why are you watching DVD’s now? Most Blu Ray players will also allow you to connect to your favorite streaming services. Notice a pattern? You will want to be able to stream.

4 – SURROUND SOUNDSony Bravia Sound

The great picture is only half the experience. With a Blu Ray player and a power big screen TV you are just that last important step from the full home theatre system… and Surround sound is much cheaper than it was in the past. It no longer costs $1000 for a good set, $200 will get you all that you need. So no more excuses, a nice sound system makes movies, television shows, and especially video games much better.


Now that you have all those great electronics, you need a good entertainment center to organize them in. Make sure that at least some or all of the compartments are open (no doors or glass) or your gaming systems will over heat. It is also much easier to swap out games… besides you love your gaming consoles and want to show them off. When choosing yours, make sure it will fit your big screen TV. Media Tower


This is a must. Now that you have all those great media playing devices, you need somewhere to store all those Blu Rays and Games. Not to mention a place to store all those cool figures and bobble-heads that aren’t allowed in the other rooms of the house.

Sectional Couch


This is going to be your throne so go all out. I personally like the giant sectionals with the built in chase lounge. Perfect for kicking up your feet and gaming, or having a crowd over for a movie.

Coffee Table8 – COFFEE TABLE

This is for your drinks. And your remotes I guess, but mostly your drinks.

That pretty much rounds out the essentials, now  start hanging up those posters that don’t really cut it for the rest of the house. Who knew my wife didn’t want a big framed  Halo poster in the living room, or even a couple replica swords.

The Verdict


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