For this Great 8 list I decided not to differentiate between naval or space ships. In fiction they are basically used as the same tool, to take you on an adventure… and the best ships often become iconic while becoming part of the adventure itself.

matrix8) THE NEBUCHADNEZZAR – Is the ship of Morpheus from the Matrix Trilogy. It is named after the babylonian king credited with the creation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The ship is a hovercraft that allows the crew to hack the Matrix while traveling the underground.

normandy7) THE NORMANDY – The Normandy is a spaceship from the video game series Mass Effect. Other than in cut scenes it mostly serves as a base where you check back in and interact with your crew. All Mass Effect players are very familiar with its layout, too bad it wasn’t just one level though, maybe we could avoid some of those load screens then.

15050-black-pearl-pirates-of-the-caribbean-1920x1200-movie-wallpaper6) THE BLACK PEARL – The damned ship from the Pirates Of The Caribbean series. How cool is a pirate ship crewed by a bunch of cursed immortals? So cool that it spawned a bunch of blockbuster movies based off a Disneyland ride. Captain Jack Sparrow makes a pact with Davy Jones to raise his old ship the Wicked Wench from the bottom of the seas where he renames it The Black Pearl. It is the fastest ship in the Caribbean.

theserenity5) SERENITY – From the cult classic television series, Firefly, we get the ship Serenity. Firefly is basically a western in space. Fans of the show were so steadfast when it stopped after just one season that a movie titled Serenity was later made. The Serenity and its small crew, transport goods, both legal and illegal, around the universe. Usually the main setting for the show, the Serenity is reminiscent of another smuggler spaceship. Well considered a bit of a junky ship. it always rises to the task.

the_nautilus4) THE NAUTILUS – First created by Jules Verne as the underwater ship of Captain Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island. It can be seen later in Alan Moore’s comic The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. What makes the Nautilus great is the way it introduced the submarine and create a huge fantasy world under the sea.

Melfalcon3) THE MILLENNIUM FALCON – The Millennium Falcon is Han Solo’s iconic ship from the original Star Wars trilogy. The Falcon is the original hunk of junk that has it where it counts. It is a highly modified freighter ship. Most importantly, it made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs.

uss-enterprise-ncc-17012) THE USS ENTERPRISE – The Starship Enterprise is the classic space ship from the television series Star Trek, as well several movies and spin off shows. The Enterprise is designed for long term space deployment discovery and science based missions, but it is also equipped with a shield and an arsenal of weapons. It carries a crew of over 400, but most of them wear red shirts.

SD091) STAR DESTROYER – are the huge imperial battleships from the Star Wars series. What is so great about them? These things are huge. There are cities with smaller populations. The intro to “A New Hope” is one of the coolest opening shots in a movie to date.


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  1. RocketSauce September 1, 2014 10:50 pm  Reply

    These are all great ships, but you forgot the greatest ship of all time. Friendship

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