CashNGuns-CoverDid you ever think getting in a Mexican stand off sounded like fun? What if  were mixed in with a touch of Russian roulette? That is more or less the premise behind Cash N Guns. For Christmas this year some friends got us a copy of Cash N Guns. I had never heard of it and didn’t know what to expect. Turned out it was tons of fun.

How it works – Everyone gets a stack of bullets. 7 blanks and 3 live rounds. Each round you flip over a random stack of loot. Amazon-preorderYou then secretly load up a either a live or dud bullet (don’t worry its just cards and no one should really get wounded unless you draw on your wife too many times}. On the count of 3 everyone simultaneously draws on a fellow gangster. You then get a second to think. You can eithercash and guns dive out of the way (losing your share of the loot that round) or hang in there and pull the trigger. Those who hung in there “shoot” there guns. If you were shot you take a wound and lose your share of the loot that round. All players left standing split up the loot. You take 3 wounds you die and are out of the game. After 10 rounds whichever player left standing has the biggest stack of cash is the winner.

Why it works – There is a little more too it than that. You only have to reveal what type of bullet you used that round if both you and your target hung in until the end, making it pretty tough to have any idea who has what type of bullets left. There is a Godfather that can make one player change their target each round. You have the option to play the game with special powers as well. If you decide to stay in the stand off, you have to yell “Bonzziii”!

This is a great party game. It silly and over the top. Your friends will like it. You”ll become the Godfather.

The Verdict


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