Daredevil-Character-PostersSince the first Ironman movie the guys in charge of the Marvel properties have been rolling out the hits, and the Daredevil series on Netflix is no exception. It has  a really good mix of action, violence, and humor. It’s also surprisingly dark compared to the Marvel flicks or the prime time TV show Agents of Shield… at one point Wilson Fisk decapitated someone by repeatedly slamming their head in a car door.

The cast is top notch. Daredevil is played by Charlie Cox of Stardust and Boardwalk Empire fame. Wilson Fisk is played by none other than Full Metal Jacket’s Private Gomer Pile, Vincent D’Onofrio. Supporting role are played by Deborah Ann Wall and Rosario Dawson.

When we first started the series I wasn’t very optimistic, but it didn’t take long before my wife and I were in love… and are already looking forward to the next season. This is a must watch for all Netflix subscribers.


The Verdict


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