apple-enDungeon Boss might be the funnest mobile game I have played… ever. It has a super simple turned based combat system and a ton of grinding to level up your characters. It has daily quests, passive pvp, guilds, daily enemy towers, and tons of special events to help keep the game interesting long after you hit the player level cap and finish the campaign mode.

This game is a great time waster, but also has enough depth of combat and strategy that make later game play remain interesting. Dungeon Boss is free to play, which is great,kang kong DB but will offer plenty of chances to loosen your purse strings through the in app purchases if thats your thing. i often spend a couple bucks on free to play games that I really like, as a way of rewarding the developers. I had no problem doing so with this game.

I recommend this game for everyone, especially fans of the earlier Final Fantasy type games. Although the dungeons are super simple, no puzzles, it still feels rewarding to max out your many characters and put together a winning team for a raid or pvp battle. And if you don’t like it… it was free.


The Verdict


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