edgeoftomorrowEdge of Tomorrow is an excellent science fiction thriller that somehow flew under the radar in theaters. If like myself, you missed it on the big screen, it is not to late to remedy your mistake. Just out on Blu Ray and DVD Edge of Time is an alien invasion movie with a fantasy twist. Every time Tom Cruise’s character Major William Cage dies, he wakes up the day before D-Day. Think Groundhog Day with Mech Suits, guns, and a lot more at stake.

Based on the manga All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, Edge Of Time is much more than a summer popcorn action thriller. The story telling is quite good. There are moments of levity and a real connection with the characters. Emily Blunt’s portrayal of Sergeant Rita Vrataski, also know as Full Metal Bitch, is outstanding… and she lives up to her nickname while slicing aliens with her giant Final Fantasy size sword.

When Cage dies within moments of the ill fated battle he wakes up at the start of the previous day. As he is forced to repeat his final day, he dies continually, while slowly making himself into a killing machine. With the help of Vrataski he will try to win the war and save the world.

Edge Of Tomorrow definitely fits as an under rated sci-fi movie. I highly recommend it for everyone… and consider it a must see for fans of the genre.


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