Amazon-preorderHaving just finished the campaign I couldn’t wait to spread the word on how much fun the latest installment in the Halo franchise is. The graphics and cineamatics are off the chart. This is one of the prettiest looking games I have played. The controls were a lot smoother than Halo games in the past… Love that hint of aim assist. I also love how they have the Call of Duty controls pre-mapped in the options menu (FishSticks).

The single player story while still a tiny bit confusing, seemed easier to follow then past iterations of the game… and I’m not sure why developers feel the need to continue to add sky scraper sized robots to their franchises. I thoroughly enjoyed the split story lines, as you play as both Master Chief with Blue Team hunting down Cortana and Spartan Locke and Red Team hunting down the Chief. Unfortunately, the only real difference in game play is which primary weapon you start the level with. Overall I really liked the campaign.

As I am trying to kick my achievement obsession, which the Xbox One is making easier as it continues to push achievements from visibility (can’t even go full screen currently), I don’t think I will suffer through on the legendary solo run; however, a legendary co-op run is must have experience for all Halo games and Guardians h5-guardians-wzkeeps up the fun with 2-4 player co-op.

Since taking over for Bungie 343 Industries has continued to do an excellent job with the franchise… and while the Halo multiplayer is still not my favorite, it has continued to improve. The new 24 player Warzone mode is probably my favorite… possibly because the large scale battles are able to hide some of my defficencies in the skill department. They also added requisition packs, similar to Mass Effect 3… and like ME3 you can earn them by completing in game challenges or spending hard cash. While I have never been personally offended by “micro-transations” I also do not usually partake in them. At this point I don’t feel that the real money aspect has hindered the game in any way. While I won’t completely dedicate myself to Halo’s versus mode enough to get good, I do plan on going back and putting some more time in.

This game was awfully close to getting a 10. Possibly my Halo bias is showing, but I recommend this game to all shooter fans. The Halo franchise continues to be shining example of what modern games should be trying to live up to.

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