Peaky Blinders: gang lined upPeaky Blinders is a BBC produced crime drama set in 1920’s England. The series is based on the true story of the gang The Peaky Blinders and it’s boss Tommy Shellby. Tommy Shellby is played by Cillian Murphy, of 28 Days Later, Inception, and Batman Begins fame.

The first season kicks of when detective Campbell of the Royal Irish Constabulary, played by Sam Neill from Jurassic Park, is sent over to clean up the streets of Birmingham. In addition to dealing with the gangs and IRA members, Campbell has been tasked with a special mission to track down a hijacked shipment of guns by Winston Churchill.

This show is an excellent period piece, once you get past the haircuts. It is also an engaging gangster/crime series. The acting and cinematography are top notch. Since this is a BBC series it is much grittier and filled with the language, sex, and violence that non-HBO or Showtime dramas in the states are forced to shy away from.

Peaky Blinders is yet another example of television series passing up movies when it comes to evolved storytelling. A must watch!

At the time of this writing the first 2 seasons are out and a third is in production… and while I would love if you used our Amazon link to purchase a copy, the current two seasons are available for streaming on Netflix.


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