THE FIRST LAW series by Joe Abercrombie

THE FIRST LAW series by Joe Abercrombie

the-blade-itself-uk-paperback-joe-abercrombieI am a little disappointed in myself having taken so long to discover this trilogy. It consists of three books, “The Blade Itself”, “Before They Are Hanged”, and “Last Argument Of Kings”. The main character is a Northern barbarian type named Logan Nine Fingers. It is incredibly refreshing to read a fantasy book where the main character is a scarred, battle-hardened veteran instead of a wide eyed kid destined to save the world. In a similar fashion many other fantasy tropes are turned on their head. Quests don’t always succeed and Heros are not always merciful or just. In this series, author Joe Abercrombie, blurs the line between good and evil in expert fashion.

The story begins with Logan’s camp being attacked and him falling off a cliff into a river. When he finally gets back to his camp he find his companions missing. After speaking to some spirits he is convinced to find an old wizard. Thus begin the journey of Logan Nine Fingers that will lead him across distant lands, into war, and conflicts with the ghosts of his past.

Other main characters in the book include a former soldier who was captured and tortured for 2 years in the previous war. He is now a cripple and a high ranking member of the Union’s inquisition. Another main character is a young noble swordsmen who has lived a life of privilege, cards, and drink. Thats right, the wide eyed youngster of this group is more of a spoiled rich kid than the deserving farm boy you may suspect.

I highly recommend this series, especially if you find yourself in the mood for something a little on the grim side.


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  1. Jessica January 6, 2014 12:03 am  Reply

    Sounds like an interesting read. Would be good for the long car rides.

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