The newer of the two DC comic shows on the CW network, The Flash is off and running to an excellent start. With the second season already a few episodes in, its a perfect time to catch up on the first season.

The Flash doesn’t shy away from some of the cheesier aspects of the comic book world, but it also takes itself seriously enough not to disappoint any serious comic book fans. Grant Gustin is a perfect fit for the show’s take on the title character, who comes off as an incredibly likable nerd while also being sort of a bumbling everyman. The rest of the cast is spot on as well, with the possible exception of some of the lesser villains. At first I wasn’t sure what to think of the two tech/science geeks that helped form The Flash’s crime fighting team either, but by a few episodes in I was loving them… most notable Carlos Valdes as Cisco.

The whole first season is excellent, it has a story arc that carries from beginning to end while still having satisfying conclusions on an episode by episode basis. The show seemed to get better and better as it went along, and the episode “Out Of Time” stands out as one of the best individual episodes of a show I have seen on network television in quite some time.

While the show absolutely stands on its own merits, it also has its tie-ins with the larger DC world. For fans of the show Arrow, you can expect to see some familiar characters. It’s also my understanding that The Flash along with possibly, Superman, Batman, the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, and maybe more the The CW’s cast of characters will be culminating in a Justice League movie similar to what Marvel did with The Avengers. Very cool.

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